The company strictly in accordance with the national three guarantees laws and regulations, the full implementation of three guarantees service. If there is any discrepancy or omission with the national policy, the national policy shall prevail!

1. Product category applicable to the rules

This rule applies to JUHOR series products with unified packaging label and unique product code.

Ii. Warranty period

The warranty period of JUHOR series products is three years.

1. JUHOR series products can enjoy warranty service in case of performance failure;

2. In case of product failure of JUHOR series products within 7 days from the date of sale, consumers can choose to return or replace the products or maintain them;

3. In case of product failure of JUHOR series products within 8 to 15 days from sale, consumers can choose to replace or repair;

Three, for the product bad parts treatment category

1. Warranty service will not be available under the following circumstances.

(1) Failure caused by modification, disassembly or unauthorized maintenance.

(2) The product model label or material number label affixed to JUHOR products is damaged or missing and cannot be identified, or is inconsistent with the actual product.

⑶ Broken or cracked, control panel damage, circuit break, product rust or corrosion, parts fall off defects and other appearance damage. If the PCB board is completely broken, the memory particles are removed and the chip falls off, it has reached the condition of scrap and will not be repaired.

⑷ Those judged to be non-Juhor products and counterfeit products will not be repaired.

2. In case of the following man-made damage, the free warranty treatment will not be available. The Company will carry out paid maintenance for such products, and the maintenance cost depends on the specific circumstances. If the products are damaged (cosmetic damage) due to the customer's human factors, the customer shall bear the maintenance cost of the products. If the product is damaged due to the customer's human factors (product appearance damage), the Customer shall bear the product maintenance costs. For example, the disk box is damaged.

Four, warranty

1. The customer shall be responsible for delivering the repaired equipment to the place designated by the company and bear the freight. The Company shall have the right to repair, replace or discount the repaired equipment at its option and return the repaired equipment to the customer at its expense.

2. The owner of the equipment agrees that the ownership of the repaired damaged parts shall belong to our company after the maintenance treatment; If we need to replace the parts during the repair, the replaced parts belong to our company.

3. If the repair parts cannot be repaired or replaced within the warranty response time, the company can discount the customer's repair parts; The converted price is based on the current market price when our company receives the repaired parts. The customer shall issue a VAT invoice of the corresponding amount to our company.

4. If no fault described by the repair unit is found after inspection, the company has the right not to provide follow-up after-sales service.

5. During the hard disk warranty, the company does not assume any responsibility for the loss or damage of the memory data.

4. Within the validity period of JUHOR series products, users must issue the product invoice and valid certificate of three packages to enjoy the rights of three packages; In case of loss of valid invoice and certificate of three packages, and the copies of valid invoice and certificate of three packages cannot be provided, the warranty period will be extended by 90 days according to the production date of the hard disk and the start date of the warranty period, and the one-year warranty service will be provided.

5. The company is not responsible for other configurations of the product (such as instructions, warranty cards, etc.).

6. JUHOR shall only assume the warranty responsibility for hardware failures caused by non-human factors. From the date of purchase of JUHOR products sold by JUHOR (including JUHOR authorized dealers), you will receive our promised repair service.

7. For the repaired parts, our company will try to return them within 30 working days after receiving the repaired parts;

Note: If the manufacturer has special circumstances to change the maintenance time, will be further notified.

5. Maintenance of RMA policy

1. Customers are required to follow the following RMA procedures when returning products to JUHOR, so that we can receive goods in a timely manner and avoid mistakes.

2. We only accept returned products with RMA numbers approved by the company. Therefore, the customer must receive the JUHOR after-sales Service application form and RMA number issued by JUHOR before shipping the product, otherwise the Company will not accept the product. Any changes or additions or subtractions related to the original RMA order must be confirmed prior to shipment.

3. Please fill in the specific specifications and contents of the products to be returned according to the JUHOR after-sales Service application Form, and then fax or E-mail the copy of the form to us. Then we will fax the form with RMA number to the customer again.

4. After receiving the RMA number of JUHOR, send the repaired products to JUHOR by post. Write the corresponding RMA number on the boxes and waybills. Request a "home delivery" shipping service. The data of the recipient of the returned product should be indicated on the waybill.

5. Only one return method can be selected for each application form. Please fill in the different return methods separately. The table is not replicable enough.

6. After receiving the repaired products, if any differences are found (such as quantity change, part number correction, products other than JUHOR, etc.) , we will inform the customer. Please help us resolve the difference as soon as possible.

Vi. Precautions

1. Please provide real and effective contact information when receiving services, so that we can provide you with more convenient services;

2. Please backup and record the important data stored in the machine before sending it for repair. Due to the error, loss or disclosure of data during the maintenance process, you may suffer unnecessary economic losses.

Vii. ODM/OEM service commitment

1.ODM/OEM customers shall provide warranty services for products within the warranty period and conforming to the warranty conditions.

2.ODM/OEM customers must strictly follow the warranty policy of the company's products and carry out the above warranty provisions for their customers. If ODM/OEM customers fail to faithfully perform the above service provisions and cause adverse effects on the Company and products, the losses caused shall be borne by ODM/OEM customers themselves.

Viii. Ownership

To the extent permitted by law, the Company reserves the right of final interpretation of the Regulations, and the Company has the right to modify the warranty details at any time and notify all customers.