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Address:4 / F, Building B, Wei Pengda Industrial Park, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Company Profile

(JUHOR Jiuhe) The brand is derived from the "embracing wood, born in the last minute; the nine story platform, originated from the earth; the journey of a thousand miles, started with a single step." The brand implies "permanence, stability and accumulation", which can also be understood as "starting from details, and finally perfect". Shenzhen Jiuhe Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on memory storage, integrating R&D, production and sales. It has a number of brands, such as consumer JUHOR Juhe and enterprise JUHORPRO Juhe Shengshi, covering consumer, e-sports, industrial control and other fields. Over the years, with the attitude of "serious and realistic", the enterprise spirit of "daring to be the first", and the management concept of "people-oriented", we are determined to provide users with all kinds of high-quality products and technical services, which are recognized and loved by consumers. Only by heart can we be excellent, just for the quality of the subtleties; Innovation is the only way to transcend, and only to expand to a higher ideal. Create value and realize dreams; In the consistent adherence, we are committed to pursuing for employees, customers and the society by taking the solid action of demanding "product quality" and "service quality"! With unremitting efforts, we will brew a high starting point with high wisdom and leverage high speed with a high starting point towards our dreams! Shenzhen Jiuhe Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. will make every effort to make progress and work together to create brilliance and dreams with extraordinary boldness!

Our ideal is to be a sunshine enterprise and a respected enterprise!

Main products of the enterprise

Computer storage products (memory module, solid state disk, U disk, etc.), including enterprise storage, data center storage, e-sports storage, consumer storage

1) : Enterprise storage/data center storage: industrial SSD solid state disk, industrial memory and server memory; Mainly used in small servers, industrial computers, industrial control products;

2) : E-sports storage: RGB memory, mainly used in the E-sports DIY market;

3) : Consumer storage: DRAM memory chip, consumer SSD solid state disk, consumer computer memory: mainly used in enterprise office, PC personal computers, laptops, all-in-one computers, consumer electronic products, and intelligent multimedia solutions;

Enterprise advantages

The memory granules are selected and distinguished by strict frequency and performance level, so as to distinguish the product system into different application environments such as consumer level, e-sports level and enterprise level. In terms of semi-finished product testing, engineers can conduct system testing according to different systems, conduct all-round memory module performance testing under DOS system, quickly divide high-quality and ordinary memory modules, and carefully select memory modules for market application. Carry out system pressure test under WINDOWS system to screen out products with better stability and compatibility. And we have applied for and passed the relevant national authoritative technical certification. In terms of production, the company has a sound system of production processes and professional packaging equipment. From the production plan - chip procurement - engineering analysis - chip testing and classification - SMT chip - semi-finished product testing - brand customization - finished product assembly - warehousing and shipping. Each step of the production process has been assessed many times. In terms of sales, the company has a complete and mature e-commerce team, with strong online sales momentum; Off line, we have experienced sales teams, and have established powerful local agents and distributors in most provinces of the country.

Key Partners

Cxmt Changxin Storage, Micron Micron Micron, Spectek, Nanya South Asia, Silicon Motion Huirong, Xinqiang Electronics, JD Mall, Tmall, Ali International Station, AliExpress, Amazon, etc.